Gary Smith - Examples


Stone & Glass

The photos on the left and right are the two new pieces of building work carried out by Gary and his team. The top being the before shot and the bottom the after. The centre photo shows the completed building. For more details of how this interesting mixture of stone and glass was done follow this link.

Different Floor and Roof Levels

Due to the slope of the plot the only practical way to add this extension was to drop the floor and roof levels. This resulted in an interesting design and the addition of three new staircases.     More Details

Reclaimed Bricks

Time and effort paid off to find just the right colour,  weight and size of reclaimed bricks and slates which would really set off this large extension. Landscaping the garden with a large patio and curving steps finished the project. For more details on this build please Click Here

Stone Work

This old ironstone cottage provided a challenge in meeting local council stipulations as well as maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look for the customer.

The bottom half of the gable end is original and the top half new. 


Toning New Brick into Old

{For this property the pebble dash cement colour and choice of pebble is imperative to the overall effect.}

These fifties properties are built from imperial bricks which are no longer available. However a brick was located which matched  the style of roof perfectly. The finished building looks as if it was always there! More Details