Diary of an Extension

So are you thinking about an extension to your property? This sub site of Gary's gives the history of the extension built on the side of our house and hopefully answers some of the questions you may have.

Firstly let's set some ground rules - it's going to be messy - builders are messy and create loads of mess. The better ones (like our Mr Smith!) do tidy up after themselves so it is not a problem. BUT if you have anything you want to keep near the proposed site move it first. It saves all the heart ache. Secondly, it is going to cost money - to get the job done properly will cost - but you are far better off paying only once.

The chicken and the egg - or do you get the builder or the architect first?

Many builders work with a single architect and can, therefore, recommend one. The reverse is also true. The important thing is to find two that you are happy with, where you have seen examples of their work and/or who have been recommended by a friend or colleague. Gary works with an architectural firm called J.E.D Design & Architectural Services based in North Yorks. It is a partnership that has worked together numerous times.

So you have your plans, the architect should deal with the council and sort out any problems with the planning permission. Armed with these you can now get some estimates for the work. Three would be ideal but if our experience is anything to go by you may struggle. Good builders are busy people so this part takes time and the odd phone call or two.

You have agreed an estimate and sorted out a start date:-

Let the building commence!!

Assuming of course that the Buildings inspector is happy, another aspect dealt with by Gary. The following set of photographs was taken at intervals during the construction period of our two storey extension. There were several complications for Gary to overcome not least the change of height between the new and old floor levels and the flood water that had accumulated inside the cavity wallls!

Front of House On hunting though our old photo collection we found these two pictures. The right one clearly shows the patch of land the new extension is built on.
Rear of House